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good morning, america. breaking overnight. nfl owners and referees hammer out a deal after that blown call that had fans screaming. refs back on the field in time for tonight's big game. are you ready for some real football? are you being ripped off at the airport? an abc news investigation tracks an ipad left behind at an airport checkpoint, to the home of a tsa officer. >> brian ross from abc news. >> and wait until you hear who he blames. real-life da vinci codes. could the most mysterious and famous painting in the world have a younger, fresher twin? she's been hidden in a bank vault for centuries. is the second mona lisa the real deal? and sizzling sofia. the "modern family" star drops a bomb on her hit show last night. >> what?
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>> he's talking about i am pregnant. >> oh, come on! >> you have to be kidding me. >> the hottest star in america taking over "gma," right now. >> good morning, america. and good morning. sofia vergara, robin on her medical leave. glad to have amy robach here with us. we're going to have a lot of fun today. a lot to get to, including the latest from the campaign trail. you see mitt romney right there. it's all about ohio right now. mitt romney behind. he's got to come back. and take a look at this picture. just released in "time" magazine. mitt romney like we've never seen before. that was when he was in france as a missionary. remembering his love back home. >> all the way back from the 1960s. also, a real scare in the air. take a look at this picture.
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landing gear turned the wrong way. the jet with 190 people onboard, just moments from touching down. why some are calling that landing a miracle. >> happened right here. really was amazing. >> really scary. glad everyone's okay. also on the show, an abc news exclusive interview with j.k. rowling. her brand-new book has been top secret, until now. we'll hear her read it aloud this morning. not an adult novel. a novel for adults. let's get to the headline football fans have been waiting for. the nfl and nfl referees union, reaching a contract agreement overnight, ending that three-month lockout that had replacement refs calling the shots. the official referees will be back on the field tonight. and john muller is here with all of the very welcome details. john? >> reporter: you got that right. our long, national referee nightmare is over. after weeks of blown calls and a "monday night football" game that will live in infamy.
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the replacement refs are headed for the showers. the real refs will be back tonight for the ravens/browns game. across the nation, relief. >> this breaking news story. the locked out referees are locked out no more. >> reporter: it was this single moment. this botched call by replacement referees during monday's seahawks/packers game. >> who has it? who do they give it to? >> reporter: that changed what had been a labor dispute over the fight over the integrity of america's most popular sport. >> referees union is back. and was this the play that got them there? >> it became clear, this is more than winners and losers. this is more than complaining about a bad call here or there. this had to be taken care of. >> reporter: it appears to two sides got the message, after hearing from angry fans, players and coaches. >> oh, wow! >> reporter: the nfl commissioner saying, quote, this agreement supports long-term reforms that will make officiating better. the teams, players and fans want and deserve both consistency and
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quality in officiating. sources say the eight-year agreement pleases both sides, with a compensation increase for referees and the option for the nfl to obtain and train additional officials. >> this became the story in the country, in the middle of a presidential race. the nfl reacted to that. >> reporter: now, the deal still has to be signed. that will happen on saturday. don't worry. the real refs are back tonight. the new deal calls for them to get $24,000 in a raise, bringing their salary up to $173,000 next year. and i think after what we've seen, the fans will say they're worth every penny. guys? >> now, there's a lot of pressure on the real refs, no? >> bipartisan relationship. but now there will never, ever be another bad call in any nfl game ever. good news, indeed. let's get news now. we're going to begin with breaking news. word that one of the most wanted drug lords in the world, ivan velazquez, known as el taliban, has been captured by the mexican military. he's the leader of the zetas
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drug cartel, blamed for the recent surge in violence in northern mexico. two more big banks have been hit by computer hackers. u.s. bank corps and pnc join these other banks. the attacks have left customers unable to access accounts. but apparently, no personal information has been stolen. also, senator joe lieberman, chairman of the homeland security committee, accuses iran of organizing those attacks. dramatic images from the latest attacks in syria. you can see a bomb go off right here, near military headquarters. wednesday, the deadliest day so far in the country's bloody civil war, which has claimed now an estimated 30,000 lives. here at home, thousands the of criminal cases have been thrown into question this massachusetts this morning, after a chemist at the state's drug lab admitted that she faked lab results for years. ignoring procedures, forging signatures when working on more than 34,000 cases. some defendants have already
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been freed or had their sentences suspended. a terrifying ordeal for a manager at carl's jr. near dallas. a robber held a gun to her head, demanding she open the safe. eventually she gave in. after taking time off to recover, she was fired from her job. carl's jr. is not saying why. and some new developments in the decades-old search for teamsters' boss jimmy hoffa. police in detroit have received a new trip that hoffa is buried under the driveway you see there. they're now taking soil samples. thousands of tips have come in since hoffa vnished back in 1975. finally, the prime minister of great britain, perhaps a little embarrassed this morning. he was on david letterman last night. got a pop quiz on british history. he did rather well. but he missed two. he knew which year the magna carta was signed.
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hear, hear. but he didn't know what magna carta meant. it means great charter. he also couldn't name the composer of "rule britannia." that composer is? thomas arnes. see i -- it's fine. >> you just knew that. it was just in your head. >> i didn't. i'm going to guess there aren't a ton of brits that know it, either. on par, he can be excused. he did rather well. >> a pop quiz. that's tough. >> those are the only two he missed. >> little high-risk for a british prime minister on "letterman." josh, thanks. the race for the white house. "your voice, your vote" with 40 days to go. and president obama has opened up his biggest lead yet in gallup's daily poll, six points. that puts more pressure than ever on mitt romney. and david muir had a chance to talk to him late yesterday in ohio. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, george. that gallup tracking poll will be a concern for the romney campaign. that's the poll they've been pointing to make the case this is still a dead heat race.
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but the president taking the lead in that poll, as well. we asked the governor about these poll numbers as a new ad comes out this morning from the president. he's trying to keep that lead. >> read my plan. >> reporter: this morning, a rare and new two-minute pitch. a new ad from president obama, up in 17 battleground states, as he tries to shape the final weeks of this quickly shifting race. >> there will be debates, speeches and more ads. but if i could sit down with you in your living room or around the kitchen table, here's what i'd say. >> reporter: it comes as the president is buoyed by strong poll numbers in crucial states, ohio and florida. we asked the governor about the ten-point lead in ohio. what do you say to your donors who might be concerned this could be slipping away? >> i'm very pleased with some polls. less so with others. but frankly, at this early stage, polls go up and polls go down. >> reporter: some republicans fear this poll is reflecting how voters are reacting when romney described 47% of americans who
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he says see themselves as victims. >> and so, my job is not to worry about those people. >> reporter: looking to halt the damage, the romney campaign also out with a new ad. >> president obama and i both care about poor and middle-class families. the difference is, my policies will make things better for them. >> reporter: as romney goes on defense, we asked him about the criticism from fellow republicans about his campaign. about those critics within your own party? will there be changes at the top? are you doing anything wrong? >> there are critics and there are cheerleaders. we have people of all different persuasion. and frankly -- >> so, no changes? >> every day, there's improvements and messages that come out. >> reporter: but romney's moment to redefine the conversation less than a week away. pressure for romney to perform on that debate stage against the president. you've been practicing. any nerves? >> i don't worry about the opportunity to be on the air and to face the president. he has his views. i have mine.
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>> reporter: the governor saying he's ready for the debate. he'll have some debate prep this weekend. some are calling that debate a do-or-die moment. i want to show you that image that we showed earlier. you see the governor there, a young man. etching into the sand, i love ann, missing his girlfriend back in the states. a powerful image. the campaign is trying to show a more personal side. in events in ohio and virginia later today, you can expect him to say he understands what americans are going through. the more empathetic side of the candidate. >> that's the message in the new ad, too. let's get the white house view, now, from abc's jake tapper, heading into that debate, as well. no question, a lot of pressure on mitt romney going into that debate. but the president's team also knows that challengers usually do very well this that first debate. >> reporter: that's right. the obama campaign says, if you
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look at the last six times that an incumbent faced a challenger, that the challenge earp in five out of six times was judged to be the winner of that first debate. so, they're trying to set expectations low. president obama has done a couple practice sessions at the democratic national headquarters with john kerry playing the role of mitt romney. and on sunday, he heads to a resort outside las vegas, where the president will have intensive debate preparations, george. >> one of the things they're working on, the president can sometimes get a little defensive when challenged. >> reporter: that's right. and the first concern they have is the expectations game. but secondarily, there is this concern. president obama can show flashes of irritation. the "you're likable enough, hillary" moment from the last campaign is one that resonates. they're trying to prevent that from happening, george. >> jake tapper, thanks very much. next wednesday night. this morning, we have the eye-opening results of a brian ross investigation into how secure some airport security checkpoints really are when it comes to your property. anytime you go through security, you take it on faith your stuff will be there on the other side.
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that's not what always happens. brian ross here with us to explain. >> reporter: good morning, amy. new figures out today show 381 tsa officers have been fired for stealing from passengers and their luggage. and members of congress think that might be the tip of the iceberg. and for passengers that are victims of tsa theft, many find they are on their own when something goes missing. so we set out to see for ourselves. we went to ten major airports. all with a history of tsa theft problems. we checked bags with ipads valued at $600 and cash. and purposely left behind ipads at tsa checkpoints. all of the luggage made it past tsa safely. >> got the $500 and the ipad. >> reporter: and in 9 out of 10 cases, at carry-on checkpoints, tsa screening officers did exactly what they're trained to
7:13 am
do. >> please come back to the podium to claim your item. >> reporter: it was a different story in orlando. where our ipad was last seen in the hand of tsa officer andy ramirez. we filed this missing property report. but were told nothing had been found. and that we were essentially just out of luck. but we had been able to track our ipad the night it disappeared. 30 miles away from the airport, to the home of tsa officer. brian ross from abc news. two weeks later, we showed up at ramirez's house. we're looking for a missing ipad. >> missing ipad? >> reporter: and the tracking device shows it's located here at this address. >> okay. >> reporter: is it here? >> no, sir. >> reporter: and again and again, ramirez denied knowing anything about the missing ipad. did you take it? >> no, sir. >> reporter: you did not take it? >> no, sir. >> reporter: but after setting off an audible alarm on the missing ipad and asking him to search his house again, ramirez produced it. you found it. there it is. >> okay, turn the camera off.
7:14 am
>> reporter: with his tsa uniform shirt now off, ramirez claimed it was his wife who had taken it, not him. i want you to explain how this ipad left a tsa screening station and ended up at your house. >> my wife -- i'm so embarrassed. my wife got the ipad and took it home. >> reporter: that can't be true. because the last time we saw it, it was in your hands. it wasn't in your wife's hands. we saw it in your hands. late yesterday, tsa told us mr. ramirez is no longer employed by the agency which says it has a zero tolerance policy for employees caught steal i stealing from passengers. >> find my ipad app and that alarm. those were key. great report, brian. if you want to see more, we'll have more from brian on "world news" and on "nightline." >> that was incredible. good work. we're going to stick with air travel. there was a scare yesterday with an ending passengers called miraculous. they braced for a crash when the plane's landing gear filed to
7:15 am
deploy at jfk airport. >> reporter: this photo, posted online by photographer, shows the twisted landing gear of the airbus a330, as it tried to land at new york's kennedy airport wednesday. >> it does not appear to be normal. it appears cocked at 90 degrees. >> reporter: outside, the plane's nose gear has become twisted sideways, as inside, passengers were told to brace for an emergency landing. >> my mother was crying. all the plane, everybody was crying inside. it was a big panic inside of the plane. >> reporter: it is a potential disaster in the making. air traffic controllers divert the plane to jfk's longest runway, 14,000 feet long, as emergency crews watch helplessly on the ground. and then, as the plane and its distressed passengers are just 15 feet from touchdown, suddenly, inexplicably, the landing gear comes down, turning forward. >> looks like it's straight now,
7:16 am
the gear. >> reporter: one emergency worker telling "the new york post," it was like the hands of god turned the wheel. >> a lot of things go through your mind. that might be the last time you're going to fly or see anybody. but, again, it worked out fine. >> reporter: for many, what was the scare of their lives, turning into a landing as smooth as silk. for "good morning america," rob nelson, abc news, new york. >> so happy everybody made it back safely. now, to the real-life da vinci code. could the mona lisa have a younger, fresher-looking twin also painted by leonardo da vinci? the second painting has been hidden in a vault for half a century. and she's now being revealed to the world this morning. abc's jeffrey kofman has the story. >> reporter: maybe it's her mischievous grin. >> her smile is in the lower facial frequencies. >> reporter: the da vinci code, just one part of the mystery that has surrounded the mona lisa for years. now claims that she has a younger twin? take a look.
7:17 am
today in geneva, the painting will be unveiled after being hidden in a bank vault for almost half a century. is she the real deal? the owners of a swiss consortium claims that she, too, is a real da vinci. >> it's more than a matter of money. people want to believe these things. isn't it more fun and interesting and exciting to believe that this is by leonardo. >> reporter: leonardo da vinci painted mona lisa in the early 1500s. there's a lot of old copies out there because at the time it was common to duplicate popular paintings. the eiselworth mona, younger and more smiley, surfaced in 1914, here in london, discovered by an art dealer. it was bought by henry pulitzer who spent his life trying to prove he owned a da vinci. but there are a few problems. leonardo painted on wood. the other mona is on canvas. >> leonardo worked on panel. and the fact this painting is on
7:18 am
canvas, to me, makes it suspect. >> reporter: it's fun to speculate. but science is to advanced now, that a lab can determine a painting's age. an independent analysis can tell us if mona lisa has a twin or just an admiring copy. for "good morning america," jeffrey kofman, abc news, london. >> i guess we'll have to wait for that. >> a fresher, younger copy. let's get the weather from sam. >> mona, you look so different. did you get some sleep? did you get some rest? get a little sun? that conversation. all right. let's deal with a little bit of rain in west texas. this is very good news. it came with some strong, gusty winds. and in brief, downpour fashion. but to know this area is five to seven inches behind in rainfall, that rain is a good thing. there's more of that coming today. it's coming in the package of strong storms. the very good news here, that front sinks in. east texas, by the end of the week, dallas, houston, you're going to be getting some of this rain that's sitting in that part of the country. there's another zone of severe
7:19 am
storms. and the heat's back in the west. if you missed it in southern california, that last round of 90-degree heat from vegas to l.a., you're back in it again by the time we get a couple of days away.
7:20 am
a little humid and a shower on the east coast. all of america's weather in the next half hour. amy, george, josh? >> thank you, sam. coming up on "gma," a 9-year-old and her 7-year-old brother vanish after a deadly house fire. the latest on the frantic search to track them down. also, are "twilight" co-stars robert pattinson and kristen stewart really back together? we'll have the latest on whether the superstars are resurrecting their romance. and sofia vergara, jaw-dropping announcement on "modern family" last night. about to take over "gma" this morning. ♪
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good morning i'm eric thomas. east bay middle school teacher in jail facing sex charges james izumizaki is accused of committing lewd acts with a child under 14. izumizaki is a sixth grade teacher and coach. this is a picture from the facebook page. school leaders will meet with
7:25 am
parents tonight to talk about izumizaki's arrest. >> time for a check on the traffic this thursday morning. we have our waze app showing us very slow on 80, traffic spotter showing us very, vote -- slow traffic from pinole valley road to richmond due to stalled bus on 80 westbound. major accident in the napa area north 29 at 221 both northbound lanes of 29 blocked. >> when we come back,
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welcome back. east bay hills and valleys, a little hazy thanks to moisture in the air gone about an half hour or hour sooner than yesterday. quarter mile visibility napa at half moon bay today's temperatures about 5 to 11° warmer than yesterday. 50s now.
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he's talking about, i am pregnant. >> oh, come on. >> pregnant! >> you've got to be kidding me. >> oh, gross. they're at it again. >> if you don't like it, don't look. >> she looks great, doesn't she? >> yeah. not really gaining weight the way i would have expected. >> "modern family" starts out with a bang last night. gloria is pregnant. and this morning, the hottest tv star in america, sofia vergara, is right here in times square. we cannot wait. good morning, america. robin on her medical leave. happy to have am amy robach her. the teen who was bullied so badly by her class mates, she had to drop out of school. did they form a club to take her down? >> a troubling story. and "twilight" superstars, robert pattinson and kristen stewart. they may be back together.
7:31 am
we'll have the latest on that this morning as well. >> thank goodness! >> i knew you'd be excited about that. >> a lot of people are upset about it. >> really? >> they don't want him to take her back. >> we're going to get into that, coming up, amy. also, ahead, our exclusive interview with j.k. rowling. her new book has been top secret until now. she'll read aloud from it. we're going to begin with the frantic search for the two missing young children after a deadly house fire in tennessee. police initially thought they died in the blaze. now, authorities are on a desperate hunt to find them. abc's linsey davis is here with the very latest. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, amy. initially, it was believed this tennessee house fire claimed four lives. but it turns out, investigators only found two of the bodies, plus the charred remains of the family dog. now, there's no sign of the two young children who lived in the home anywhere.
7:32 am
investigators are on a frantic search to find these two children. police initially thought 9-year-old chloie leverette and her 7-year-old brother, gage daniel, had been killed in a house fire in tennessee sunday, along with their step-grandparents. but this morning, after investigators failed to find their bodies, the tennessee bureau of investigation has issued an endangered children alert. >> we don't have sufficient evidence, from fire investigators right now, to positively conclude they died in this fire, makes us want to make sure they are not somewhere else. >> if we just had ashes, you know, little bodies. but we don't have anything. >> reporter: fire officials say they recovered the bodies of leon mcclaran sr. and his wife, molly, inside the home. but not the bodies of the children, despite the use of infrared cameras on helicopters to scour the scene. >> in most of these situations, statistically, children this age, over 90% of the time, are
7:33 am
taken by their own parents or a close relative. >> there mother has been spoken to. she does not have the children. there's other family members that we are looking to speak with today. >> reporter: the children were reportedly last seen near the home around 6:30 sunday night, approximately three hours before the fire began. investigators initially believed all four family members were asleep when the flames engulfed the home. >> it was just shock. it's a shock. >> reporter: this morning, as detectives try to piece together what happened to 9-year-old chloie and her 7-year-old brother, the family is enduring a grueling waiting game. >> we will wait and pray. >> reporter: leon was a retired farmer who cared for his wife, molly who was undergoing treatment for breast cancer. the grandparents had custody of both kids and had been living with them for the last five years. george? >> linsey, thanks very much. now, to the bullying case out of california. katie uffens dropped out of high
7:34 am
school after a group of kids told her they had a kill katie club. and police have arrested two of them. david wright has the story. >> reporter: in san diego's west view high school, a real-life case of "mean girl." or in this case, apparently, mean boys. >> nobody was there to stand behind me. >> reporter: it all started last year, when 16-year-old katie told kgtv, she was bullied so badly, she feared for her life, especially when she heard about the kkk, short for the kill katie klub, a group set on making her life miserable. her alleged or t ed tormentors t was a joke. >> we never had any intention to wanting to hurt anybody. >> reporter: katie's mom appealed to the school administration and the san diego
7:35 am
police, who declined to press charges. >> i said, we are going to move schools. this is going to go away. they didn't stop. >> reporter: katie dropped out, enrolled in a home school charter program. but even then, she says, the bullying continued. katie's mom says she recorded dozens of threatening phone calls made to her daughter. and she started keeping tabs on twitter and facebook postings. >> she needs to sit the "f" down and move to antarctica. >> reporter: finally, police intervened, dragging two boys out of class this month in handcuffs. among them, nick aguirre. he doesn't deny he picked on katie. but he says he's the victim. >> she's not really liked at west view. not because people bully her. she bullied people at west view. >> reporter: school officials tell abc news, incidents are taken seriously and investigated. we work very closely with law enforcement when appropriate. in the movies, justice usually triumph. but in real life, it's more complicated. the two accused bullies, now face criminal charges. and katie uffens' mom has hired
7:36 am
a lawyer. for "good morning america," david wright, abc news, los angeles. let's get more on this from our "gma" legal analyst, dan abrams. hard to figure out the right remedy. but police have arrested these boys. >> and the question is are they going to be formally charged or not? you have to take yourself back away from the idea of bullying in schools. and just ask yourself, if x happened outside of the school arena, if it wasn't kids we were talking about, but adults, would it be a crime? because i think that's what we're seeing more and more in the law. authorities saying, hey, there's no excuses anymore. don't call it bullying. if it's something that would be a crime off of school property, it's going to be a crime on or around school property, as well. the question is, how threatening were the calls? was this an actual group, this kill katie klub? if this was a real group where they had some actual intention, this wouldn't be a misdemeanor
7:37 am
case. it would be far more serious than that. >> you think it's likely to be a misdemeanor case? >> that's what they were held on and released. if the authorities thought there was a club out there that was gathering, discussing, discussing actually physically harming her in a severe way, i think you probably would be looking at more than the possibility of misdemeanor. >> how about the school? does it face a civil liability for not acting sooner? >> they're sure worried about it. anytime asked a question about it, they're worried about possible legal action. possible, she could say, the school was warned numerous times. didn't take action. but it's not just the school who could face liability. it's these other kids, the alleged bullies. they could get sued for their actions. there's a number of possible civil lawsuits. again, it depends on how significant was the action? how serious was it? but it's clear the authorities are taking this really seriously. >> likely because of those phone calls. dan abrams, thanks very much. let's get the weather, now, from sam. >> just a shame. we're going to start with pictures of a wildfire in oregon, by the way.
7:38 am
this unexploded overnight from 10 acres to 70 acres. that's why we're paying attention to it. it is called -- 66 mile post 66 fire. there's more than 30 fires that are burning up here in the northwest, even though we have cooler temperatures. and slightly, just a little bit of moisture in the air. we're getting a warm-up. but the warmer air over the next couple of days doesn't reach to the northwest. it's going to be tough to get the fires, things are so dry up there, out of the way. look at the moisture sweeping to dallas, houston, san antonio. in the next 48 hours, you're all going to be involved in picking up the moisture sitting in west texas. this is very needed rainfall. oklahoma, you've been getting some, as well, and needed it desperately. that spreads to paducah, kentucky. another zone that
7:39 am
>> and all of that weather was brought to you by macy's. george? >> thank you, sam. the latest on kristen stewart and robert pattinson. are the "twilight" superstars really back together right now? i love cash back. with the bankamericard cash rewards credit card, we earn more cash back for the things we buy most. 1% cash back everywhere, every time. 2% on groceries. 3% on gas. automatically.
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welcome back. it is 7:43. and we're all very excited. well, there's some controversy, right? >> especially josh and sam over there. >> right. >> we're talking about the real-life drama for kristen stewart and robert pattinson, the "twilight" may have reunited. "us weekly" reporting that the couple is living together again. but there are conditions. take a look. >> uh-oh. >> okay, okay, okay. >> let's try it again. >> reporter: for the two-time champions of mtv's best kiss award -- >> i want to take you backstage.
7:44 am
>> reporter: could they be the best making up scene, as well? "us weekly" reporting that kristen stewart and robert pattinson may be showing their affection again. >> rob really loves her. kristen is trying all she can do. we're hearing that they moved into a new home because basically the old place just stirred up too many memories. >> reporter: the two have not been seen together since these photos of stewart cheating together in june. neither pattinson or stewart have responded to the new reports of reconciliation. >> kristen and rob are doing everything that they can to kind of work on their relationship very privately. >> reporter: after stewart apologized publicly to pattinson, after he reportedly moved out of the home they shared, the 26-year-old actor was forced to face cameras during his publicity tour for the film "cosmopolis." >> is that the way you try to handle this craziness? >> you get into it to do movies. i've never been interested in trying to sell my personal life.
7:45 am
>> boy, you are better off. kick her to the curb. >> reporter: this seemed to make him more popular, as his former flame was vilified. >> she is a trampire. that's what she is. >> that's horrible. >> reporter: after these photos of stewart wearing an old t-shirt of pattinson surfaced, many began to wonder if the uber popular undead couple could be headed toward an unseparation. >> i don't have the strength to stay away from you anymore. >> reporter: either way, judging from the thousands of fans tweeting their support, it's clear neither of the stars are unloved. the controversy is not stopping fans from watching kristen stewart's movies. "snow white and the huntsman" the top-selling dvd for the second week straight. >> how about that. >> we'll see, everybody. josh has "the play of the day" that will have us all dancing. we'll see.
7:46 am
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7:49 am
7:50 am
here's "the play of the day." >> not a day goes by when -- well, our little ones don't co-opt our lives. there's my little one. >> aw. >> and i get to get out of here and go home and have a tea party with her each and every day. but at least i don't have to, well, do the interpretive dance to "butterfly kisses." this is what lindsay demanded of her father. >> oh, no. >> oh, yes. >> george? george, have you done it? >> we did it to "dream girls." that was the big one when they were that age. >> can i -- can we get that tape? >> never. >> can we see a couple of those moves, george? request i get a -- can i get a little picture in picture? >> very exclusive audience. as well it should be. >> she will play that at her wedding and everyone will cry. >> that's fantastic. >> it is beautiful.
7:51 am
it's great. this right here -- >> a real man can dance. >> this is why you have the kids. >> so that you can do interpretive dance. >> you can indulge your own need to dance interpretively. that's terrific. also terrific, a woman named sofia vergara. making her way into the studio. "modern family" week continues. go nowhere. big feats in college football, brought to you by ally bank. you gotta be clutch. which kicker has most field goals in a championship game? go to on yahoo! to find out and to discuss your favorite big game moment. i love you, james. don't you love me? i'm a robot. i know. i know you're a robot! but there's more in you than just circuits and wires! uhhh. (cries) a machine can't give you what a person can. that's why ally has knowledgeable people there for you, night and day. ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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7:55 am
♪ what's that shound? >> what is that sound?
7:56 am
>> that's the sound of sofia vergara. good morning i'm eric thomas. san francisco police raid add encampment on market seat overnight they cited 40 and set up barricades. occupy protesters admits the site attracts homeless during the evening. mike is here with the forecast. good morning fog one of the big stories still 3/4 mile at half moon bay less than a mile throughout north bay valleys. warming trend begins today 5 to 11° warmer than yesterday, 10° warmer across the board this weekend. bumper-to-bumper behind the bay bridge toll, metering
7:57 am
lights on, a couple of incidents in san jose north 280 at saratoga, 880 southbound 237, slow on 85, 280 and 101 and now southbound
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. ♪ hello, everyone out there. it's me, eric stonestreet, once again. we're starting to get to know each other pretty well, aren't we? good. i have a question for you this morning. how hot is too hot? you don't know the answer? well, i do. i work with it every day of my life. you may want to let the new york p.d., new york fire department know, you may want to let mayor bloomberg know, because times square is about to blow up with hotness. america, put your hands together for my modern friend, miss sofia vergara. >> hello, everyone. as sofia vergara comes in this morning. hottest star on television right now. warming up our times square studios. our crowd is so excited to see her this morning.
8:01 am
we are so happy to have sofia vergara here. >> she was just celebrating, and we're celebrating with the entire "modern family" cast, for their third-consecutive emmy. we have the video of her celebrating. she gave her dress quite a workout. there's that video we love to keep rolling. look at her go. she has some moves. >> she sure does. >> she sure does. >> yes, she does. julie bowen here yesterday, giving us a look at, well, how much she puts the rest of them to shame when they dance. in fact, take a look. it really went down on kimmel. >> these americans, they just have to do one thing. you know? it's so easy. they just do this thing. but in my country, you have to do this -- [ cheers and applause ] >> you know, it's true. when sofia isn't cracking us all up, she is making us over with her hot, new home line and spectacular fashion line. all of that ahead.
8:02 am
we're going to give you a sneak peek, at sofia's modern makeover. >> that's right. she's actually redesigning a room. and this young woman, we're going to show her. we reached out on twitter and facebook for someone who wanted an update for her look. so, debbie russo, a graphics designer from new york, is going to get the sofia vergara, is that how you say it? makeover. >> that's why the actual room was here. what do you have there? >> yes. these are very 007-esque shoes. they're high heels that transform. they go from flats to pumps, with just the click of a heel. we're going to show you this innovation and why we're scared to try them on. but we're going to. we're going to show you all that. we also have our abc news exclusive, j.k. rowling. her brand-new book has been top-secret until right now. it's out today. we're going to hear her read aloud from it this morning. first, we have to get some news from josh elliott.
8:03 am
>> yeah. and, boy, what big, monstrous news this is to begin. the nfl referee lockout is over. >> sam, come on. >> sam, it's okay. >> you may have played a little role in this. sam, it's okay to come back to the television set. it was an outrageous call made by replacement referees monday night. it was the last straw when the green bay packers lost the game they won on the interception ruled a touchdown catch. after talks, the referees and the union got a deal on pensions, and something of a raise, from $149,000 a year to about $173,000 next year. the referees will return to the field tonight. there will never be a bad call ever again. meanwhile, president obama and mitt romney campaigning in virginia today. it's as the latest polls showing that president obama has widen his lead there. governor romney telling our david muir, he's pleased with
8:04 am
some polls, less, though, with others, end quote. and in a rare move, romney brought up the health care law that he helped pass in massachusetts, saying it's proof of his empathy and care for the american people. meanwhile, looking at this new photo being released, dating back to the 1960s, showing his softer side, declaring his love for ann in the sand. president obama debuting a new ad in seven battleground states today, claiming the nation is, in fact, moving forward again. and there's proof this morning that more americans are struggling to pay off college loans. a new study finding that nearly one in five households, 19%, have now saddled with student loan debt. that is a record, double the percentage from just 20 years ago. and if you are maybe hoping to use last night's $200 million powerball jackpot to pay off some of the loans, i hope you live in the great state of iowa. that's where the one and only winning ticket was sold. the winner has yet to come forward. and finally, it's kind of
8:05 am
like winning the lottery. >> what is that? >> that's a big alligator. >> can you have a pool party with that? >> let's hope so. hunters in mississippi captured the 698-pound gator. a state record. they actually went looking for it. and, boy, did they find it. an hour and a half of pure tug-of-war and chaos, they described it as. i have a feeling, pool parties in the state of mississippi are safe from that guy. >> 698 pounds. >> it was this big. >> that big. that big. that big. are you guys ready? cue the conga. got some congas now. >> sofia vergara. ♪
8:06 am
>> thank you, congas. >> i want congas every day. >> tell me it's not like that in colombia every, single day. >> of course it is. you hear it when you open in the window in the morning. >> who needs roosters? >> wow. that invades the soul. as does "pop news." >> indeed, it does. it does. it's a modern edition version. welcome, sofia. so much excitement in the house. also, great new music from rihanna. she nows how to shine bright like a diamond. she does it again on her newest single. releasing "diamonds" on wednesday. the superstar singer, seemed a bit more upbeat on this track. it opens with the line, "i choose to be happy." that's good to hear. the record company hasn't said when the new album will drop, as we like to say in the biz. but rihanna's last three albums
8:07 am
have all dropped in november. so, it's a good bet we're just over a month away from hearing it all. we're looking forward to that. and here's a sweet headline for all of you. eating chocolate makes you smarter. yes. yes. before you get too excited, though, you should know that this research -- this research was done on snails. the study published in "the journal of experimental biology," finding dark chocolate improves snails' memories. >> how do they know? >> because they do know, josh. it's science. >> you can be as smart as a snail. >> i know. that's not really selling it. hey, i'm giving you a reason to eat chocolate. thank you, amy. how about a thank you? how about a thank you? >> sure. >> more on that study coming up. >> a smarter show already. >> we'll interview a snail. also in "pop news" today, you know we love a good photo bombing. an unexpected ham pops up in your shot. you know what we're talking about. we've shown you some that have
8:08 am
gone viral, like these. look at this fella. there's a photo bomber. there's david beckham. he was popping in on kids in the adidas photo booth at the olympics. now, we have a new contender for best photo bomber ever. this was snapped in the cayman islands where people can feed stingrays with bags of food. and apparently, this guy wanted seconds. there he is. see the gray guy? >> i've never seen a stingray's face like that before. >> that's the underneath of a stingray. >> they look terrified. >> they do. it's great. we have our own photo booth now. we have a photo booth here at "gma" in times square. you never know who might show up. >> photo bomb. >> there they are. >> photo bombing everywhere, in "pop news." that's it. i want to spend more time with sofia. so, i'm going to wrap. >> okay. let's go to sam with the weather. >> we're outside. there may be a little sprinkle. but let me tell you. there is a live crowd in times square 24 hours a day. a little photo? all right. where are you from? >> shawnee, kansas.
8:09 am
>> and? >> papillion, nebraska. >> all right. let's get to the boards. we have one or two things we want to talk about. how about philly. where the rain is now in the northeast. another round of it during the day today. this low isn't going to go away. this front is just a little bit stubborn. so, 83 in washington. 78 in philly. we have showers and afternoon thunder showers again. here's where the warming continues. that eastern coast of texas all along the gulf coast. west texas, into oklahoma, getting showers and one to two stro
8:10 am
>> we're live in times square. nice signs, by the way. someone said something about a "modern family" takeover going on over there? >> it's happen right now, sam. here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." in addition to the "modern family" takeover, extreme prenups. outrageous contracts more and more couples are signing before they tie the knot. transforming your heels. the newest shoe innovation that could have you changing your height in an instant. and as sam referred to, the hottest tv star in america. there she is. sofia vergara, taking over our "good morning america" studio. all that and more coming up, live, on "gma." [ male announcer ] at walgreens, we know kids share all kinds of things, especially germs.
8:11 am
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8:15 am
hello? [ sea ] hi! this is the sea calling. i'm talking to the sea? is this for real? [ sea, laughing ] yeah! what's what what what is what... [ sea ] i want you to close your eyes and imagine a place in the middle of me where the world revolves around you. can i go now? [ sea ] sure! ♪ ♪ there's sofia vergara, getting to work on that modern makeover for debbie russo. we're going to see the results in just a bit. right now, the latest trend in wedding planning. couples making explicit, binding contracts, with some pretty wild
8:16 am
demands, before they agree to marry. paula faris explains the extreme prenups. >> reporter: in the movie "intolerable cruelty," george clooney plays a divorce attorney, who takes pride in his iron-clad prenuptial agreement. >> i saw an ad in the paper, no-fault divorce. two-week divorce without a lawyer. i'm sick to my stomach. >> reporter: and although prenups have become more common place, more couples are taking it to the extreme. not just protecting the financial assets, but adding in so-called lifestyle clauses. anything from small requests like, no piano playing while the husband is home, to all-out demands, wife not allowed to cut her hair. >> i think every one of us has our little pet peeves. and we would all do well to discuss them on the front end. >> reporter: but it is not just pet peeves. one attorney said he wrote a clause stating, if husband is rude or cruel to his wife's parents, he agrees to pay
8:17 am
$10,000 for each infraction. and other agreements stipulate how much time a husband can spend watching sports or just how much weight a wife is able to gain. greg sullivan says that is why he drafted an agreement before committing to his girlfriend of 12 years, toni. >> i believe staying trim and healthy and taking care of yourself is very important. part of my agreement with toni right now addresses that. >> reporter: so, he put in a clause about her staying in good shape. >> if someone is not going to take care of themselves, and they're going to let themselves go, i don't want that kind of future. >> reporter: but lori zaslow, a new york city matchmaker and star of bravo's "love broker," believes that putting these requests in a legal contract can weigh on a marriage. >> these are such unfair requests. anyone whose lived enough to know, people change. if you love someone, you love their inside and outside. >> reporter: for better or worse, or something like that. for "good morning america,"
8:18 am
paula faris, abc news, new york. >> wow. nothing says romance like a prenup. all right. well, so many of us love our high heels. but we can't walk in them for long distances. we all know that, ladies. well, now, a new innovation in shoes may finally change all of that. transforming your pumps so you can change your height instantly. our becky worley checks out how high heels are going high-tech right now. >> reporter: they look elegant. they lengthen the legs. they are extreme fashion statements on the runway. but for most of us, wearing these things all day, ah. it's excruciating. you can tolerate short walks around the office. or to and from the car on a date. but any longer distances, and you'll have to bring a pair of flats in your purse. but now, a new shoe aims to solve this dilemma. the day-to-night has interchangeable heels that convert the shoe from flats to stilettos. >> i thought it would be nice to have one pair of shoes with
8:19 am
multiple heel heights. and not have to carry extra shoes with you in a bag. >> reporter: as an mba student, candice cabe saw the high-heel dilemma as a business opportunity. as you swap out the heels, doesn't it change the angle of the arch? >> yes, there is a certain angle we have to maintain so the arch of the shoe is supporting your foot. >> reporter: i tried a prototype of the shoe. yeah. it doesn't feel wobbly. candice is talking with shoe manufacturers about licensing the heel-swapping technology. and she has a thousand pairs being manufactured in china right now. >> they're normally retailing at $300. but if you want to preorder them, you can get them at $150. >> reporter: candice is not the first to try to solve this high-heel walking problem. there's the roll a sole disposable flats. and there's a myriad of other convertible shoes. like the chameleon heel, that go
8:20 am
from kitten heel style to stilettos, the way a kick-stand comes out on a bike. what makes this entrepreneur think her heels will tame our torture? >> after a long day of walking on your high heels, your feet start to hurt. this is just another solution. and i think women just seem to really love it. >> reporter: for "good morning america," becky worley, abc news, oakland, california. >> this idea among designers is a hot one. pain-free high heels. lara and i are wearing two examples right here. >> this is the high part of it. >> and then -- >> will you help me out? >> sure. >> you want me to take it off? >> and you can -- suddenly, you can be sensible. walking around new york. >> how does it feel? >> hailing a cab. >> what could possibly go wrong? >> $140. >> sofia, the look on your face. >> how do they feel? >> they feel comfortable. >> they're comfy. >> and they sell between $99 and
8:21 am
$129. it's like two shoes in one. and the whole idea came from a rough night of dancing, which, by the way, is a good transition to go to our gorgeous guest sitting right here. >> sofia remains stunned by what just took place here. let's welcome tv's sexiest mom to the program. sofia vergara, "modern family." emmy-winning show returned in top form last night. what a great episode. when gloria finally reveals that she is pregnant. of course, she fears her hubby might disapprove. actually tries to take a very tough stand. it's a wonderful scene. take a look. >> i can raise it on my own. i have done it before. and i do it now. i come from a very long line of strong latin women, whose husbands are nowhere to be found. >> are you done? >> yes. >> can i say something? >> go on.
8:22 am
>> that's the greatest news i've ever heard. >> it is? >> i spent a day hearing what my future had in store for me. and i didn't like one bit of it. i felt like my life was ending. and now, you're telling me that i get to have a new start with the woman of my dreams. i think i'm going to cry. >> oh. >> it's great. sofia, one of my favorite parts about seeing you guys at the emmys, was seeing you and ed together backstage. and seeing the chemistry even from. what was it like shooting that scene? >> i love it. i have the west time with him at the beginning. when we start the show, i thought it was going to be bored on the set because we have a big age difference. and most of my scenes are with him. oh, i wanted to be with julie or with jesse. but we've become so much friends. we have a very similar personality. we're very relaxed when we do our job and go home. it's been amazing.
8:23 am
he's taught me a lot. >> that's great. >> there's real chemistry in that scene. but you also look so authentic pregnant. how do they do that? >> it's a torture. it really feels like i'm pregnant. like, i cannot sit normal. i have to, like -- it makes you feel really pregnant. >> look at her right there. >> wow. >> does it give you any warm feeling? >> no. >> those things are sweaty. >> yeah. it's so hot. like 106 degrees in the past months. so, it hasn't been fun for me. >> what was fun was being there sunday. >> oh, yeah. >> i spoke to you right after. congratulations on the win for best comedy. and we saw you were very honest with me backstage. you were like, my dress just ripped. and they had the emergency team stitching it up right before. what happened? >> i don't know what happened. it was perfectly, you know, well, sitting in my thing. and when julie came back to the
8:24 am
stage with her award, i wanted to take a picture with her. i got out of my seat. it was like the intermission. i got up. but then, i see my boyfriend and my friend, like, behind me. no. and i'm, like, what? i reach down, no. the commercial just started. i have to get the pictures. usually, everybody's like sit down, sit down, the show's going to start. so, they're like, unless you broke your dress. and i felt and i didn't feel anything bad. you thought it was the whole thing was like a whole window open. >> yes. it was a window. >> who took the picture? >> my boyfriend because i couldn't see it. he kept being upset. i would show everyone. like, is the zipper open? like, sofia, no. everybody's looking at you. >> everybody saw it, right? >> yeah. >> so, he took the picture. >> thank goodness for twitter. >> the picture and showed me. look. stop doing that.
8:25 am
>> we thought you recovered. we have been having fun with the party photos from post-emmy time. you had 19 family members of the party. >> it was a great party. i don't want to be there alone. when time goes by, what are you going to remember? all those events. i think for me, my closest family. and we have a great time, taking all of them into all of the parties. me, plus one. so, it's like, i warned them from the beginning, okay. we don't know if we're going to be able to go to all of the parties. you just have to pretend. >> how does your fiance handle the big family? i know he just recently popped the question. your ring is spectacular, by the way. >> thank you. >> how does he handle the big family? >> that's one of the things that's great about him is he's completely -- he's american. but he completely understands latin blood. he dances with us. he parties with us. he's friends with us.
8:26 am
he was playing the bongos when i was dancing. he didn't know what he was doing. but i think he pretends to blend in with us. >> we've got a lot of fun, too. speaking of dancing, julie bowen on yesterday. you guys having a danceoff. this was julie on jimmy kimmel. this was julie doing her very best sofia. as we -- hold on. she was making the point that you had made the point that this is american dancing. basically, the clap and the rock. >> yeah. i try to teach them. >> a full-body experience. >> i try to teach them. you have to go all the way. just like you're standing there with the rhythm. it has to be like -- >> we're going to have much more with sofia vergara when we return.
8:27 am
good morning i'm kristen sze. this evening parents will meet with school district officials to talk about the arrest of an al bang any middle schoolteacher on suspicion of creating lewd acts on a child james izumizaki was arrested. investigators say he had an inappropriate relationship with a former student under the age of 14. izumizaki is a sixth grade teacher and coach. he is scheduled to be arraigned in an oakland courtroom tomorrow afternoon. >> right now let's see how your commute is going. >> very slow south bay multiple slow areas between 80, 280, 101 and south 880 at 237 due to earlier stalls and accidents. 280 and 19th in san francisco that accident just being cleared. eastbound 4 bailey car hit
8:28 am
caltrans signs, cleanup crews on the way. let's check in with
8:29 am
fog as thick as it is going to get now. flight arrival delays into sfo of 77 minutes. going to lift an hour sooner than yesterday. 48 santa rosa, 48 half moon bay everybody else in the 50s. destination with more sunshine
8:30 am
today, mid 60s coast, mid 70s [ cheers and applause ] happy thursday crowd in times square. a little rain doesn't hurt anyone this morning. we are also happy because we have sofia vergara there, on the couch with us, from "modern family." producing things up. also happy to have amy robach here. as you know, robin's on her medical leave. sofia's a funny and busy mother, of course, with products and fashion lines. we have a big, half hour of makeovers from sofia. you get to see both. >> she's getting a modern makeover from sofia herself. it does not get better than this. >> i know. >> teach her a move or two, as well? >> maybe. if she wants me to. >> i do. come out dancing. >> the pressure's on her.
8:31 am
it's not the only makeover this morning. sofia, going to makeover an entire room in ten minutes. there it is across the way. something special and affordable. also coming up, something near and dear to our hearts. the latest on robin's journey back to good health. we'll look at her new announcement for it is a wonderful sight to see our dear friend again. let's get to sam champion outside with the people. >> on this side, there's a long line of texas. wait a minute. there's something -- there's something all the signs have in common. there's a lot of you here. but only one of you is the signmaker. what's your name? >> heather. >> i knew it. everybody got a little of heather's glow. but she made the signs. she gets the credit this morning. let's go to the boards.
8:32 am
one or two things going on this morning we want to talk about. we'll start with beautiful pictures in the grand tetons. then, lawton, getting action overnight. not coming in the severe storms. but the good, soaking rain that came along with it. so necessary in western oklahoma and central oklahoma, as well the and texas will catch up later. here comes the cool air behind the front. international falls, madison, detroit, chicagoland getting cooler temperatures. here's the front we're talking about that manages to bring rain to the areas that need it so desperately. but it's coming with a punch.
8:33 am
>> come on over. come on over. we're outside in times square. now, we -- all that weather was brought to you by hunter douglas windows. now, inside to amy. >> thank you so much. we begin with our abc news exclusive with j.k. rowling, the writer who brought us, of course, harry potter. and now, her first book for adults is already a hit. it's called "the casual vacancy." and abc's cynthia mcfadden went all the way to scotland to visit the very usually private writer for a very intimate interview. >> good morning, amy. i started out worried to tell you the truth. it was so intense the book. we had to read the man script pages in the publisher's offices. but it was all okay when we got to meet j.k. rowling. her novel is already becoming a blockbuster. it's number one on before going on sale today. before anyone really knows much about what's in it. you're going to get your own first look from the author herself, right now. >> harry potter, confront your
8:34 am
fate. >> reporter: it's been years since the last harry potter movie was released. five years since the last book. but the interest in harry potter's creator has not died down. especially as her new non-harry novel goes on sale. i'm holding the only copy of the book in scotland, i understand. this is so rare. i read the manuscript pages in your publisher's office. >> sorry about that. >> reporter: why the security? >> you tell me, really. i mean, i'd love it to be a normal book. >> reporter: very little has been normal for rowling since the explosive success of the r harry potter series. do you have disguises? >> once i've used it. it was effective. it's how i managed to buy my wedding dress. and i'm not going to tell you what it is. it did work. >> reporter: the frenzy and interest in her new book, "the
8:35 am
casual vacancy," has led the publisher to guard it like a state secret, until today. will you read me the first paragraph? >> did not want to go out to dinner. he encured a thumping headache most of the weekend and was struggling to make a deadline for the local newspaper. >> reporter: wait until you find out what happens. give that back. the book is essentially about the struggles in a small town between parents and children, husbands and wives, the haves and have-nots. at the end of the book, did you cry? >> yes. i would have nothing to say to the person who didn't cry at the end of this book. nothing. sorry. >> reporter: rowling's real life story is the stuff of novels. an epic journey worthy of harry himself. an impoverished single mother on welfare, to billionaire author. it's not entirely comfortable
8:36 am
for you to now be at the top of the "forbes" list. >> i'm not at the top. >> reporter: well, probably the richest, most highly -- author of our time. >> the shift was so dramatic, it -- i found it very disorientating. i felt guilty, strange, out of order. now, i feel more grown-up about it. i don't feel guilty. i can do great stuff with this money. >> reporter: that includes giving away tens of millions of dollars to charity. all while she and her doctor husband, neil murray, are trying to keep their children grounded. >> for us, finding out what you're good at and doing it at the best of your ability is worth self-respect. and i would be extremely disappointed and i would feel i had failed if i turned out individuals who felt their contribution to society should be simply confused. >> reporter: if you get the
8:37 am
feeling that despite all these years of success, she is still uncomfortable in the public eye, you would be right. happiness for her, it seems, lies no further than being here in scotland, walking by the water, spending time with her family. you like real life. >> yeah, i do like real life. i do. and i have a very nice real life. but i do like real life. >> well, she's lovely. interest in the book is huge. but so is interest in the author herself. her popularity is so staggering, fans lined up for days to get to her single speaking engagement in the u.s. it will be in new york. it will be interesting to see how fans who have grown up with harry potter respond to this new book, those who are old enough to read it. she gets asked if she's read "fifty shades of grey," no. no movie. and no sequel. if you read it, you'll know why. >> you can see more of j.k.
8:38 am
rowling's newsmakers interview at on yahoo! coming up, robin's special mission re
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
as you know, robin is recovering from her gone marrow transplant, that took place one week ago. you know how committed she is to help those facing similar struggles and need transplants. before she went to the hospital, she made this public service announcement. we're releasing it now for >> i make my living asking tough questions. so, here a question for you. if you had the power to save a life, would you? i have a chance to survive blood cancer because my big sister answered yes to being my marrow donor. right now, you can go to
8:42 am and offer a cure to someone with a disease like leukemia. so, what will your answer be? >> fantastic. you see right there, buses here in new york city, also. new york and atlanta, going to play nationwide. you're going to see it on the side of the subway stations here in new york and atlanta, as well. you have to know that this is making a difference right now. since robin announced this at bethematch, 44,000 people have joined the bethematch registry. 227,000 wristbands have been sold. all of the net profits will go to support bethematch. there she is, right there. >> we miss you, robin. >> we sure do. >> we love you, robin. >> all of you can watch theú
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
oh, yes. time for another of sofia vergara's modern makeovers. get it? we give sofia and her team ten minutes to transform this room. this is what it looked like before. that's a room. work with me on that. now, you won't believe how it looks. sofia is putting the final touches as we speak. the big reveal. >> ta-da. >> tell me. this is all from your line? >> everything. what do you think? look at the colors? >> i like the purple. why do you like -- i'm guessing it has something to do with passion. >> i think it's beautiful to have a room that has a touch of color that is intense. and it makes you want to just jump in there. >> it does. feel free. we can do the rest of the interview from there, if you like. you have everything in this line, right? >> everything. we also have, for example, matching the bathroom. you have the bathroom collection. >> yes. >> like, you know, the basket,
8:46 am
the soap dispenser, the towels, so beautiful. they're supergood quality. and we have, of course, more colors of these bedding. >> i see the comforters come. you have white, you have chocolate brown. i did not know on top of your great acting, you were into decorating. >> yes, i love it. i love everything that has to do with beauty. walking into a room and feeling comfortable. and i like beauty. i like to be surrounded by beauty. >> if we were to walk into your bedroom, one word to describe it? >> heaven. >> heaven. i love it. and then, you also are diving through kmart into fashion, as well. you have wonderful pieces that range from skinny jeans to cute, little cardigans. a little animal print in them. what's your inspiration when you create those? >> my first project with kmart was the clothing. now, i'm doing all the house things. but first, passion started with the clothing.
8:47 am
creating pieces that were comfortable and sexy, wearable, and that you don't have to, like, spend your supermarket money. >> right. >> and buying cute stuff. so, i think it's doing really good because it's for women of every sizes. >> can i come over and see? i love this little black -- lbd. >> if you don't want to show your legs. you should show your legs. if somebody doesn't want to, with dark tights, it looks amazing with high boots. it's all stuff you see on the runway, but, of course, made for the woman that needs to be on a budget, to be a mom. just like accessorizing, you can use it from the morning to the night. >> i want to go back to the bedding and talk about this. we gave you the challenge to do a room. and i just want to ask you your advice because women look up to you. you're quite beautiful, as you know. and a real girl's girl. when you're looking at that major collection, what are the
8:48 am
must-have pieces that you would suggest for a bedroom? >> for a bedroom? >> definitely, you can wear -- you have to do the pillows. i think the pillows accent -- even if you don't have the whole, complete set. i think with some pillows here and there, it looks fancy and colorful, you can pull a good look. i think it's more important than having the whole set. >> the whole set. all right. you can get the whole set, all different colors, browns, purples, whites, sofia's collection available at kmart. >> kmart. >> and also, fashion. and speaking of fashion, you were kind enough to give a modern makeover to one of our "gma" viewers. >> yes. >> looking really good. >> you're going to like it. >> that's coming up. stay with us right here on "good morning america." wait until y
8:49 am
8:50 am
8:51 am
welcome back. now, to the hit show, by the way, you all are watching it. "once upon a time" which tells the story of an evil queen that
8:52 am
strands fairy tale characters in a small town. they're not able to remember why they're there. but there's one character that ties us together. go ahead, everybody. >> thank you. >> in our zoo that is "good morning america" at times square. >> i love it. >> it's been a little crazy this morning. you are the evil queen. you have to stay evil no matter what part of the story you're in. but you're not that evil. >> i'm really not. i'm really not. it requires a lot of work. but a lot of fun work. you know, been inspired by different actors in the past. some family members. true. it's a lot of fun. i have a blast playing her. >> now, there are one or two times they allow you to get kind of emotional and show your softer side. but there's not a lot of it. one of them, let's just show the clip here. and we'll talk about it. >> okay. >> here she is, showing her
8:53 am
softer side. >> now, you're going to kill me? >> eventually. but first, you need to suffer. >> listening to you, there's been enough suffering for all of us. that's right. you wanted to see your queen? well, my dears, here she is. >> she's powerless. >> what? >> get her. >> we're moving in. >> yeah. it was a surprise softer side on that. >> it's only for a moment that she's vulnerable. but it's a lot of fun. i think it's important to show a vulnerable side to such an evil character. makes her much more relatable. >> everyone in that story and their fear depends on you being believable. yet, you are acting in a fairy tale world. we were talking about this. how difficult is it to act in things that aren't really around
8:54 am
you? >> you have to revert to your childlike imagination, and go back to when you were playing dress-up and different characters. it's getting easier as we move forward. one of the things the creators said to me early on, make sure this doesn't become a caricat e caricature. that's where i come from. >> you make it real and believable. and until today, i thought you were terribly evil. it's lovely to have you here. "once upon a time" -- >> second season this sunday. >> sunday at 8:00, 7:00 central right here on abc. we'll be right back. >> thank you. sam, over here. i'm in the bedroom with sofia vergara. never thought i would say that. it will never happen again. it's time for the big reveal. debbie russo, graphics designer from new york. getting a makeover a few minutes ago. here she comes. >> wow.
8:55 am
what do you think? >> i love it. how do you feel? >> i feel great. and i actually have a really hard time finding shoes that are comfortable. and these, i can go jogging right now. >> what do you think about the tights? the leggings? those are my favorite. >> they're so comfortable. they feel great. >> you can wear them with anything you want. any of the pieces from the collection. that's what we wanted to have a piece that you can work with everything. >> and everything here, top-to-bottom, your collection. >> everything. even the jewelry she has on. show the bag. show the bag. >> all right. congratulations. the room looks fantastic, as well. >> thank you. >> guys, what do you think? >> i think it's a home run. >> looks good to me. my opinion's not professional. sam, what do you think? >> i think she's gorgeous. >> i agree. >> i like george saying he's in the bedroom. >> good thing ali wasn't
8:56 am
watching. thank you for watching as "modern family" week continues. sofia vergara -- >> thank you, we love you. >> on fire. tomorrow, by the way, lara, trash-to-treasure. >> am i? >> it's back. it's back. >> thanks for watching "gma." on yahoo! i'm a professional stylist
8:57 am
8:58 am
but styling my friend's is my favorite. they all love the latest trends but none of them want to pay full price. they each have their own unique style, so t.j.maxx is a great place because they have such an incredible mix of designers for so much less than the department stores. when my friends feel beautiful i just feel like i scored. fashion direct from designers. savings direct to you. i'm a maxxinista and now so are all my girls. t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you.
8:59 am
good morning i'm kristen sze. santana row is celebrating its 10th anniversary. new clothing store opens today with special anniversary events throughout november. still have flight arrival delays into sfo fog fade as hour quicker than yesterday. 5 to 11° warmer today with 90s east bay valleys, 80s rest of us inland, 70s bay, 60s coast. this weekend 10° hotter. caltrain reporting delays northbound only anywhere from 7 to 30 minutes on northbound trains. not giving any indication of why. south 280 peninsula at trust detail accident car fire at -- truc d

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